Technology to Market


Seamless connection between markets

EASCO TM primarily targets the U.S and Chinese medical market. We want to act as a bridge between the two markets and help transfer and exchange expertise, equipments, and treatments. Currently there are merits that exists in each market that we believe can be shared across borders. There are a few areas that we plan to target first. 

Equipment: Through our connection with Johns Hopkins and medical equipment manufacturers in China, we were made aware of the many new medical inventions created every year. Unfortunately many never hit the market due to clinical trial shortages or low market demand. We believe that this serves as a perfect opportunity for us. We can explore for new inventions in the U.S and help companies develop and market the invention in China, where market demand is high. The same method applies vice versa where perhaps an equipment has a higher market in the U.S.    

Treatment: There are many Chinese herbal treatments that have not yet been widely commercialized and we believe that the U.S market serves as a huge opportunity for herbal treatments. We plan to introduce these treatments to patients in the U.S and build a larger market for great Chinese products. Vice versa, we also want to further research and invest in U.S medicine and treatments to better tweak products to serve the Chinese market; since China has a huge medical demand, we foresee an increase in revenue and consumer base for our clients. 

Expertise: We also want to encourage the exchange of expertise and medical knowledge, which we will more elaborate under “Multinational Personnel Network”  

Translational Medicine


From Bench to Bedside

Different from traditional ways of medical research and implementation, translational medicine is a biomedical research discipline that encourages cross functional collaborations to ensure high quality and efficient invention and production of diagnosis tools and treatments. This bench-to-bedside approach ensure that the same scientists who invented a specific technology also take part in clinical trials; which not only ensures a more professional and well rounded team but also reduces time for communication and human error.  

Intellectual Exchange


Multinational Personnel Network

Different cultures and educational settings foster different thinking and invention. We think it is crucial for experts in the medical industry to be able to expand their horizons and learn from others. One approach to this grand goal is our partnership with Johns Hopkins. Medical industry leaders in China will receive the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in business and management while inventors and trainees in Hopkins Hospital will receive the opportunity to intern in medical corporations and hospitals in China.