About Us


Company Mission

 A non-profit organization founded in 2017, EASCO TM aims to serve as a  bridge between the U.S and Chinese medical market. With the growing  medical need in China, and the long  medical history of  the U.S, EASCO  TM seeks to take advantage of the internet of things to aid the exchange  of medical resources including industry experts, technological  innovations, and knowledge between the two countries. Through our  “bridge”, we aim to achieve a seamless connection between markets to  benefit all stakeholders in the medical industry.   


Our Strategy

We believe a seamless connection between worlds is essential to contributing to human health. In order to achieve this, we will find and commercialize new technologies and help expedite the business development process between U.S and China. Based on our team’s medical expertise , we will explore medical opportunities and help develop ideas into tangible products.   


Our Partners

To better serve our clients, we are partnered with many industry leaders in both the U.S and China, including Johns Hopkins and China's leading clinical research center in Hainan. Many of our partners play part in helping incubate our client's product to expedite the commercializing process.

Our Team

Mercury Chen


With years of finance experience and a healthcare management MBA, Mercury is responsible for the business development of EASCO, expanding EASCO's network.

Michelle Cheung


Marketing and healthcare management MBA, Michelle is responsible for EASCO's website and marketing campaigns. She also plays role in developing EASCO's strategy.

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